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Contact Information

Print Specifications


Multiple quantities may
be specified to obtain
pricing for each.

Flat Size

Specify length and width in
inches of the finished product
without folds.

Folded Size

If the product needs to be
folded, specify the dimensions
in inches of the finished
piece after folding.

Bleed or Non-Bleed

If your piece requires the ink
to print to the edge of the paper
with no white space, it is said
to have a bleed.

See the Help Center for more
information about bleeds.

Number of Pages

Specify Number of Pages if more
than one sheet will be printed.

Ex. If two 11" x 17" sheets are
to be printed on both sides and
then folded in half, the number
of pages is 8.

Paper Stock

Stocks for Brochures, Flyers,
Catalogs, Mailers, etc.

50# White Offset
60# White Offset
60# Gloss Text (Enamel)
70# Gloss Text (Enamel)
80# Gloss Text
100# Gloss Text
80# C2S Cover
100# C2S Cover

Tabloid or Broadsheet Stocks

30# Newsprint
35# Premium Newsprint
35# SCA
35# SCB
38# SCA
40# Groundwood
40# Coated
45# Coated

Card Stocks

100# Gloss Cover
14 pt C2S Cover
18 pt C2S Cover

Other paper stocks may be requested.

Ink Side 1 and 2

To print a full color range,
specify 4-color process. If only
the front side will be printed,
indicate 'none' for Ink Side 2.

We recommend using CMYK or
4-color process rather than spot
colors for most jobs.


Commonly used envelopes:

#10 White Closed Face
#10 White Window    
#10 Brown Kraft Window

Other envelope types may be specified.

File Release Date

This is the date that you
anticipate your final files
will be ready for uploading.

Shipping Information

Required Delivery Date

This is the date you require
your job to be delivered by.

Enter the zip code or zip codes
of the shipping destination(s)
in the area below.

Direct Mail Specifications

Mailing List Source

Indicate whether or not you
would like us to include the
price of a mailing list in
your quote.

Target Mailing Quantity

This is the number of addresses
you are planning to mail to.

In the area below include all
the post offices (zip codes)
you are planning to mail to.

Saturation Mail

Select this option if you are
mailing to every residential
address within a postal
carrier route. Saturation mail
has the lowest postage rate.

If we are supplying the list, please indicate who you are trying to reach. For saturation mail, please indicate the originating zip code and target radius in miles.

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